Vishnu Manohar

The famous city lad, Bachelor of Fine Arts and working as Executive Chef for the famous Manohar Group providing Professional catering services for past 24 years . Having operations from both Nagpur and Aurangabad he has numerous large events to his credit as follows :

• Shree Vishnu Manohar of Manohar group is a well known Executive Chef from Central India and has honors of having more than 1200 live shows all over India on cookery through which he has trained more than 1.5 Lacs ladies. Also presents Cookery Show for Kids . He also has distinction of presenting his shows in Singapore, Dubai & Nepal. He holds the Limca record for the longest Paratha ever made measuring 5 feet long & 5 feet wide & weighing 35 Kg.

• 1996 October: conference on Indian Food in International Market at Nagpur for two days.

• 1997,1998: Indian Road Congress at Nagpur (Patronage for two years consecutively)

• 1998 December: Dhaba Food Festival at Nagpur.

• 1999 August: National Convention , Bhartiya Janta Party at Nagpur (P.M. Atal Bihari Vajpayee & 10,000 VIP guests enjoyed the delicious food )

• 1999 October: National Convention, Nationalist Congress Party at Nagpur(serving 40,000 guests at a time)
2000 December : International Paneer festival at Nagpur.

• 2002 January: Qurara Paratha festival at Nagpur (5 feet * 5feet long Paratha was highlight of the festival making it to Limca Book of Records)

• 2003 February: Qurara Paratha festival at Pune.

• 2003 October: Qurara Paratha festival at Bhopal.

• 2002 July : Hangama Baarish Food Festival.

• Food for Super Human : 2004 October prepare full course food for Animals at Expovet 2004 Nagpur.

• 2005 April : Savji –Varadi Food Festival at Nagpur.
• 2005 April : Vidarbha Food Festival at Hotel Orchid Mumbai.
2005 May : Goa Konkan Food Festival Nagpur

• 2005 August : short film festival for amateur film makers, redefining the
Tool of mobiles handy cams as a medium of expression.

• 2005 October : Innovative Fashion show for ‘Senior Citizens’.

Meet Vishnu Manohar –the man of many parts, he is the chef extraordinary who is going to put your palates on fire……literally.

A trained commercial artist ,Vishnu gave up his paint palette. And opted to pamper palates, for he knew that –way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And ditto for women and kids-which he learnt quickly.

He heads Manohar Group that has a flourishing catering business at Nagpur & Aurangabad. The group owns two open –air restaurants at Nagpur & Aurangabad that regularly feature innovative food fests like Baarish Hungama & paratha festival.

Until today, he must have conducted more than 200 of his cookery show at Aurangabad, Nagpur ,Pune , Mumbai, Bhopal, Lucknow , Kanpur…and many other places in India. So also at Dubai ,Nepal, and Singapore. and sure some of you must have seen it on-

He is working as host on doordarshan for cookery show.Recently his CD and videocassette on basic Indian Gravy (curry),that got the famous introductory voice of ameen sayani, has been released in India & UAE through which he introduces some of very best recipes.He introduced his website which contains all his cookery expertise.his book on basic Indian Gravy gravy is on verge to release.he also hosted the program “SIDHE TAWA SE” for radio Mirchi & also hosted “CHULHA CHOWKA” on vividbharti.

Secrets of India Gravy , let’s Tofu and B-baby-corny, are some of his hot selling publications until today and many more are in the pipeline.

As an Actor he act for 3 Marathi & 1 Hinglish Films.

Brand Ambassador for Mothers Inst. Food Products, P.P’s Toffu & Rutwik Products.

Now working as a V.President of Indian Society for Animal & Human Welfare.

President of Saraswati Multi Educational Institute Nagpur.

Completed 900 episodes with E TV Marathi, title " Mezwani"

Vishnu Manohar
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